"Fouga Magister"

An illustrated history of the development of the CM.170 and it's service with air forces worldwide, serial numbers, in-depth technical details, complete walkaround, accurate scale-plans in 1/48 and 1/72, 35 profiles, and much much more. The most complete and accurate book on the subject ever published. 132 pages. Available here. *sold out*

Released march 2015, updated 2020

DIRECT 15/2007
Magazine of the Belgian Defence Forces

"last of the Magisters"

Article about the last airworthy Fouga and its pilot. Magister Aviation provided the Belgian Defence with historical and technical information for the article.

Fouga Dual Display

When our Solo Display pilot Col. Rorive teamed up with ex-Red Devil pilot Gen. Buyse, the Dual Display was born. Not wanting to use the regular RD paint sheme, plans were drawn to create a special scheme. It had to include the 249.000HRS+ markings and all the emblems of the SQNs who flew the Fouga throughout its history. Unfortunatly due to budget constraints, we could not repaint the entire aircraft, so the basic color scheme was kept. The tiptanks however received a complete makeover.

Application of the SQN emblems

Almost all markings were designed as vector-based art and then cut from vinyl tape. The smoke swirls on the tiptanks were airbrushed. The work was done by Magister Aviation in collaboration with L Van Grinderbeek, W Peeters (C/C Fouga) and the 1W logo- and paintshop. Aircraft painted were MT-26 (Gen Buysse)and MT-48 (Col Rorive). Small differences were made in the paint scheme of both aircraft to keep the modellers and spotters busy ;)

Application of the 249.000+ HRS markings

Fouga MT-35

Tiptank design

Close-up of emblems and pilot name

Painting the dayglo

To celebrate 45 years of operation, Magister Aviation proposed to repaint Fouga serial MT-35 in it's 1970's trainer colors. The proposal was submitted to and accepted by the Air Force on the condition that it would cost nothing to them. Since the special Dayglo paint was no longer in the AF inventory, sponsoring was sourced by Magister Aviation and provided by Akzo Nobel paints. The aircraft was repainted by us in collaboration with L Van Grinderbeek over a two day period.

After serial MT-48 was retired from service, MT-35 became the new solo display aircraft. It made the last ever flight of a Belgian Fouga in 2007. For the last display season, some nose-art was added by us. Again in collaboration with the 1W logo- and paintshop.

Stencils reapplied

Fouga F-GPCJ

"The last whistling turtle" nose-art

The result

To celebrate 65 years of Belgian Air Force, the association Magist'air decided to repaint their aircraft F-GPCJ in BAF markings for the 2011 Airshow season. Magister Aviation was tasked with the research for the paint scheme. We provided pictures of the real aircraft and the painting instructions.

The original

Fouga MT-3 was chosen because it was one of the only BAF aircraft that ever flew in complete aluminium paint, without any dayglo or orange panels. Since F-GPCJ is in bare metal, this greatly simplified the makeover.


The result, Koksijde airshow

Our first patch was created to celebrate 45 years of Fouga service in the Belgian AF. This patch quickly became popular with the pilots! We have also designed patches for the Association Magist'air, who flew Fouga F-GPCJ, serial 369.

Belgian military museum KLM-MRA

Machine gun mounts

Magister Aviation has provided restoration and maintenance services for Fouga serial MT-24 in the Belgian Royal Museum of the Armed Forces.

We also installed the mounts for the twin 7.62 AA52 guns back into the nose.

Fouga CM.170 Magister MT-24 N°281